Who is Lidia?

Why, thank you for asking!

Linguist‘ is the word that best describes me. All my interests are usually related, somehow or other, to the world of letters.

Foto de Lidia en su oficina

I am a graduate in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Granada and I specialise in conference interpreting. Moreover, I am a Sworn Translator and Interpreter, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011. My working languages are Spanish, English, Russian and French. I am also a Member of the Spanish Professional Association of Court and Sworn Interpreters and Translators (APTIJ). 

For the last several years, I have combined my translation activity with positions in various areas (teaching, vendor management, foreign trade). At the moment, however, I am fully dedicated to my work as a language service provider, while I continue tranining in other fields, such as Court Interpreting and Style Editing.

At the same time, I am actively involved in writing and publishing, and I hope to be able to announce the release of my novel very soon.

I also spend my spare time practising meditation and yoga (currently undergoing training as a yoga instructor), playing guitar and enjoying nature.

Partner network

Over my academic and professional years, I have built a network of trustworthy and knowledgeable partners. This allows us to coordinate translation and interpreting projects involving any of the primary language pairs and to manage large-scale projects without jeopardising the quality of the deliverables.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our biggest concerns, professionally and personally, is our footpring on the planet. For this reason, we have been making adjustments to reduce paper waste and to achieve a plastic free workplace. Whenever possible, we use recycled paper and envelopes for any translations that must be delivered in hard copy. We are giving greater importance to remote interpreting (telephone, conference calls) in such a way so as to avoid unnecessary travel. The same applies to our remote work model, which helps reduce energy consumption.


Translating is a solitary job, but there's still room in the office for Jota and Hache ('J' and 'H'), who also come from the world of letters.