I need an interpreter

For conferences, seminars, workshopts, etc. (simultaneous or consecutive interpreting)

In addition to Lidia’s specialty in conference interpreting, she shares the interpreter booth with a number of outstanding professionals. Moreover, we can help you rent the necessary sound equipment for simultaneous interpretations.


For meetings, calls and conversations (liaison interpreting)

Liaison interpreting is an informal form of interpreting, generally used at small business meetings. The interpreter accompanies the group or delegation on their visit and intervenes whenever required. For business negotiations, the interpreter sits at the table with the parties.


For court trials or notarial acts (sworn interpreting)

This is a very specific form of interpretation, where the accuracy of the rendition is of utmost importancy. The interpreter is legally accountable for the contents of their statements.



Lidia Juárez is a member of the Professional Association of Legal and Sworn Translators and Intepreters (APTIJ).